AmberView - a view without borders

Glass constructions:

  • Frameless designs;
  • Large glazings units;
  • Sophisticated and subtle fitting design that perfectly blends in with glass;
  • All fittings are made of stainless steel or aluminium;
  • Many attractive collections, varied in shape, structure, and colour;
  • Hidden fitting option (Visur) to optically enlarge the space;
  • Anti-pinch option (Beyond) for the safety of the youngest.

Our offer includes:

  • Classic glass doors (interior);
  • Glass swing doors (interior);
  • Sliding glass doors (exterior);
  • Revolving glass doors (exterior);
  • All-glass fire dividers(interior).

AmberSlim - more light

Narrow-frame structures:

  • Lightweight large-size structures;
  • Large glazings units;
  • Maximum narrow aluminium profile systems;
  • Subtle and durable load-bearing profile systems;
  • Hidden threshold option for sliding systems (BARRIER-FREE);
  • Full automatic options;
  • Lightweight and easy to use;
  • Intelligent access control option (e.g remote control and programing via smatphone).

Our offer includes:

  • Windows;
  • Sliding systems;
  • Folding systems;
  • Doors;
  • Facades;
  • Winter gardens.