About company

Amberline was founded in 2006 by a female CEO with extensive experience in the window manufacturing industry. In the early days, we specialized in unusual constructions and non-standard solutions for the PVC market. However, in 2008 Amberline expanded into the aluminum market producing aluminum windows, doors, facades, and winter gardens.

Our products are widely present in the European market. In the early days we focused our export activities on Germany and Scandinavia, however with time we started offering solutions for the French, Italian, Dutch, Belgian, and Luxembourg markets as well. Additionally, in 2019 we further expanded our activities and started providing windows and doors for the American market.

We have consistently prioritized quality, continuously upgrading our production facilities and collaborating with industry-leading firms. Among our key suppliers are Veka, Aluprof, Winkhaus, Gealan and PressGlass.

Our quality-centric efforts have led us and our products to obtain a prestigious Q–Zert Certificate, issued by the internationally recognized IFT Institute in Rosenheim, Germany. Additionally, we have obtained the P-Mark Certificate for the excellent atmospheric resistance of our products for the Scandinavian market.

Apart from quality, another thing we are known for is innovation. Amberline has obtained numerous awards for prototype solutions in the field of window carpentry functionality.

One of our patented and exclusive products is a window AMBERSAFE with an above-average security system.

Additionally, we were one of the first ones to introduce a smart window - AMBERSMART, which is a remotely controlled energy-saving window.

We constantly focus our efforts on innovation to cater to the changing needs of our clients.

Our offices and showroom will be located in the heart of Boston in partnership with Boston Building Enclosures.

We have plans to quickly expand into new markets with a multi-level sales approach to serve both the high performance residential and commercial markets.

We are committed to service, education, and support to ensure every project has a tailor-fit solution no matter the scope or budget.

We are very happy to invite you to our showroom in Boston, scheduled to open in June 2020 and, to Poland to see firsthand how and why Amberline is one of Europe’s leading high performance manufacturers of innovative fenestration products.