Why Amberline
  • A brand name valued for innovation.
  • Product quality recognised throughout Europe.
  • Attention to detail:
    • PVC profiles in Class A only
    • warm frame with high insulation parameters in every PVC window
    • each profile reinforced with a closed steel system
    • all products certified according to international standards
  • Know-how in the execution of non-standard orders (including fire protection, all-glass, and large-size).


  • Extensive company structure. Support at every stage of customer journey:
    • design department
    • sales department (Poland, Germany, Benelux and Scandinavia, France, Italy)
    • service department
    • logistics department
  • Own fleet of 40 cars.
  • Modern machining parks in the PVC and aluminium hall:
    • on-line controlled CNC machines
    • real-time remote monitoring of the production process
Ift Q-Zert Quality Certificate

The testimony of the highest quality of our windows and doors is the Q-Zert Certificate awarded by the German Institute of Window Technology (IFT) in Rosenheim. The window and door joinery is manufactured in accordance with the new European standard EN 14351 - 1:2006. The ift Q-ZERT European Quality Certificate is only available to manufacturers who use VEKA profiles.

The principles of certification of window products with the European Quality Mark ift Q-ZERT, developed by ift Rosenheim, are based on the combination of:

  • technical requirements contained in the Harmonised Standard EN 14351-1, confirmed by the results of tests carried out on the construction solutions of the system operator,
  • technical requirements contained in the RAL Seal of Quality, confirming the high quality of the produced profiles,
  • requirements set out in ISO 9001 regarding the organisation and preparation of production and service in the company.

P-MARK Certificate of the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

After the tests carried out in Sweden in order to verify the quality and properties of its windows in terms of:

  • heat transfer
  • resistance to temperature changes from -30° C to +60° C
  • air permeability
  • water tightness
  • resistance to wind load
  • operational strengths
  • mechanical strength
  • resistance to repeated opening and closing

received the P marking certificate in accordance with the rules of CR 048 P-MARK.