Product properties
  • New profile for new requirements;
  • Low heat transfer coefficient;

Meets the new Uw standards for windows, effective from January 2017, i.e. Uw 1.1.

  • The perfect solution for every single-family home. An energy-saving window for every budget;
  • Modern design;
  • Improved burglary resistance thanks to steel the reinforcements system in the frame;
  • Significantly higher thermal and acoustic insulation thanks to the additional seal (MD option);
  • Optional atypical shapes, i.e. arches and trapezoids;
  • Optional muntin bars;
  • Available in a full range of colours in smooth, porous, and wood-like texture;
  • Design and aesthetics compatible with entrance doors, balcony doors, terrace windows, and roller blinds in the same system.
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Sill depth
76 mm