New machining centre in Amberline's aluminium hall


In January this year, the factory has launched the first (and, so far, the only) Polish new generation centre for the processing of aluminium, PVC, and steel.

The new machining centre in the aluminium hall is distinguished by intelligent machining control and management solutions. The machine has five axes controlled numerically (by a computer program) and a device control system that uses special sensors – encoders. The communication between the machine and computer takes place via fibre optic cables. Thanks to these modern solutions, the work in the aluminium hall will be fully automated and the production capacity will increase by 100%.

In addition, profile processing carried out directly from the computer (using graphics programs and Internet communication) will ensure direct and immediate diagnosis and intervention in the production process.

What does this mean for AMBERLINE customers?

This means the highest possible quality of window, door, and façade construction (by minimising errors in the production process) and significantly shorter lead times.

New machining centre in Amberline's aluminium hall 1
New machining centre in Amberline's aluminium hall 1